Jared was born in Sydney, Australia. After a successful and happy school life, at age 17, an enormous existential angst arose which could not be shaken. Depression, anger, sadness, self hatred, blame, fear, anxiety….. you name it, he experienced it.

After trying many different ways to find happiness, including therapy, money, sex, drugs, relationships and so on, the dissatisfaction continued.

Finally, through an unflinching desire for true lasting happiness, he was mysteriously pulled to his final teacher, Eli Jaxon-Bear, in 2009. Everything that was ever searched for was found in the first meeting. Eli’s message was simple – stop everything and find out who you are.

This led to a life changing awakening out of identification with thoughts, emotions and the body. Jared realised that who we are is beyond any story we have in the mind, beyond any arising emotion, and beyond the body.

From this awakening came a discovery of causeless happiness, freedom and love. Direct realisation of the Self beyond form.

Eli then supported Jared in the challenge of staying true, and deepening into the depths of silence and peace, as the patterns of ego arose to test his integrity.

Eli’s mastery of the enneagram for awakening out of egoic trance has been an enormous gift, and Jared now passes on this mysterious and profound teaching to those who are open and ready.

Jared has and still serves as the Australia Regional Coordinator for the Leela Foundation in support of Eli and Gangaji’s teaching in Australian since 2010.