Certification for Clinical Hypnosis, Advanced Clinical Hypnosis, Enneagram and Leela Teacher Training.

To be in service to ourselves, is to wake up out of our own trance of personal suffering. Then it is possible to be a True Friend to the world. In being a True Friend, we don’t fix anyone, or tell anyone what to do; we simple allow their own innate intelligence to express itself. We act as an Awakened Guide, pointing to what is deeper than the story.

Before Eli met his teacher Papaji, he was training therapists at Esalen, and on the Board of Examiners of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. When he met his teacher, Papaji said to Eli “Let the client and the therapist both wake up!” It is with this foundation that the Leela School offers a series of training programs resulting in certification to practice as a therapist.

Jared has trained under Eli Jaxon-Bear since 2009, starting his first 3-Year Group training in 2010. He began giving private sessions in clinical hypnosis under supervision as early as 2011, and was fully certified in Clinical Hypnosis in 2012, after which he opened his own small practice offering sessions and group work.

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 The Leela School offers three training levels with certification and diploma:

Certification in Clinical Hypnosis Training & Hypnotherapy Training – Level 1 – Leela Hypnosis School

Certification in Ericksonian Hypnosis Training & Hypnotherapy Courses – Level 2 – Leela Hypnosis School

Clinical Hypnosis Diploma – Hypnotherapy Diploma – Level 3 – Leela Hypnotherapy School

More information about the Leela School and the Leela Foundation can be found here:

The Leela School for Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Courses & Hypnotherapy Training

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