Jared has trained under his beloved teacher Eli Jaxon-Bear since 2009. As well as the direct self-realization that resulted from meeting his final teacher, Jared studied with Eli for over 7 years, mastering the therapeutic skills of Leela Therapy, and now offers himself as a therapist based in Sydney, but offering 1:1 sessions to people all over the world via online video.

Leela Therapy

Leela Therapy is rooted in the teachings of self-inquiry, with a focus of meeting the client wherever they are. The purpose of Leela Therapy is to support ever deepening personal awakening from egoic trance. Or to put it more plainly – to support psychological freedom and happiness. This means having a silent mind and an open heart, in the midst of the madness of the world. Not reacting to every trigger, and relying on a deeper intelligence rather than the surface reactivity of the mind.

Jared has been a devoted student of Eli Jaxon-Bear since 2009; has trained in the Leela School 3 Year Program since 2010; is certified as a Leela Therapist and True Friend; and recently has formed The Leela School Australia, an educational non-profit, dedicated to world peace and freedom through training of therapists in clinical hypnosis, NLP, and the enneagram, with a focus on awakening from the personal trance of suffering. As well as teaching the enneagram, teaching internationally, and training therapists through The Leela School, Jared is a practicing therapist in Sydney.

1:1 Sessions with Jared

Jared is offering 1:1 sessions to those who are seeking to be supported in their own psychological freedom.

Jared’s intention is for everyone to realise their own blissful nature, to discover directly the inherent freedom of the surrendered heart.

Sessions are available to anyone around the world who is called for freedom, love and happiness. Either in person in Sydney or wherever Jared is teaching around the world, or over Skype or Zoom using online video and audio sessions.

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